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 asy Ways You Can Speed Up Game Play

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PostSubject: asy Ways You Can Speed Up Game Play   Wed 21 Sep 2016 - 10:12

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Have a Treasurer: It speeds up play if one player keeps a list of all found treasure. It also means, treasure doesn’t get lost or misappropriated. Ideally, a player who likes bookkeeping and can work out treasure shares between sessions will take on this role.

- and then leave it at home

Have a Marching Order: When exploring a sunken tomb, the trackless depths of a mountain range or a ruined castle it’s a good idea to know everyone’s location. Setting a marching order enables the players and GM to quickly and easily note who might hear a certain sound, spot a skulking enemy or (inevitably) get injured by the exploding door trap. It’s worth deciding on a order for a variety of situations. In a dungeon for example, having a marching order for 5 ft. and 10 ft. wide passageways covers most eventualities.

-then re-arrange it every encounter just as the DM's deciding who got hit >.<

Have a Watch Rota: It seems adventurers are almost always sleeping somewhere they shouldn’t. Whether it’s in a camp deep in the woods or in the depths of a dungeon, such locations are often rather dangerous. Sleeping without a watch is perilous at best and suicidal at worst. That said, discussing the watch rota every day is both boring and pointless. Decide a watch rota once, write it down and stick to it.

-once .. ohhh noooo.. never just ONCE...

Know Your Role: Irrespective of your character’s race and class, your character should fulfil a certain role within the party. Know what that roles is and –crucially – fulfilling it not only speeds up combats and other challenging situations, but improves the survivability of your character (and his companions).

-pahh Battlemage CHARGEEEE - heal / or shiny chest full of treasure... tough choice Wink

Help the GM: The GM is a busy chap. He’s drawing maps, answering questions and plotting against you. Helping him by keeping the play area clean and tidy is an easy win. This could include cleaning off the battle mats, putting away figures, keeping track of initiative, getting him a drink and more.

-Wow this guide is no fun at all >.<
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PostSubject: Re: asy Ways You Can Speed Up Game Play   Fri 7 Oct 2016 - 2:02

I think we've been playing this too long!
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asy Ways You Can Speed Up Game Play
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